President’s Greetings

Welcome to Daiso!
Daiso A-Sung opened its first Daiso store in 1997, when the notion of ‘uniform pricing’ was still a novel concept. It now has over 1,000 stores nationwide and is Korea’s No. 1 Household Goods Corporation.

Our commitment to selling quality household goods at a fixed low price, and customer recognition of our commitment have resulted in the growth of our company.

Based on the expertise in worldwide product development of its parent company, Han-Il Manpower, Daiso A-Sung introduced a new form of retailing to the domestic market. In 2009, it expanded into China and is currently operating over 100 stores.

In this era of SNS and Omni-channel shopping, an increasing number of companies are entering into the household goods market. Daiso is committed to being a place that values the worth of 1,000 KRW and will continue to serve our customers as Korea’s very own national household goods corporation.

Thank you.