Distribution center – “Namsa Hub Center”

At 12th Dec., 2012
we opened a ‘state of the art’ distribution center in Yongin city, Kyeonggi Province
1.14 mil. ft2 gross floor area , equipped with ‘cutting-edge’ automation systems
Location 608-23, Buk-ri, Namsa-myeon, Cheoin-gu, Yongin city, Kyeonggi province, Korea
Ground area 58,611 m2 (640,000 ft2)
Gross floor area 105,456 m2 (1.14 mil. ft2)
Auto-warehouse storage capacity - 39,456 pallets facilities -14 Stacker cranes, 17 RGVs
Auto Sorter 3 E/A, each 12,500~18,000 box/hr
All products are supplied to the stores through “the Hub”
Core infra of Daiso A-sung Corp., delivering products to nationwide stores on a daily basis
Receiving Capacity 30,000 pallets (1,000 SKUs)/day
Storage Capacity 60,000 pallets (20,000 SKUs)
Delivery Capacity 100,000 boxes (10,000 SKUs)/day and 800 stores/day